At CES, ‘booth babes’ are less obvious, but they’re not gone

Consumer electronics companies use paid models to attract the mostly male audience, a long-standing tradition some women in tech want ended. The number of “promotional models” or “booth babes” — the term coined for women whose job it is to lure foot traffic at CES — has declined in recent years. But paid female models, sometimes […]

You may be making cryptocurrency for hackers without realising

Thousands of websites are tricking people into mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, adblockers might be the only way to stop them Adblockers are trying to prevent people from accidentally helping criminals mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Malicious code running in the background of thousands of webpages can hijack a visitor’s computing power to generate cryptocurrency in a […]

USA: Afrikanische Länder fordern Entschuldigung von Trump

Vertreter aus 54 afrikanischen Länder fordern eine Entschuldigung des US-Präsidenden für seinen “Drecksloch”-Kommentar. Kritik hört Trump auch aus den eigenen Reihen. Nach Donald Trumps Äußerung über “Drecksloch”-Staaten schlägt dem US-Präsidenten  Entrüstung aus 54 afrikanischen Ländern, aber auch aus den eigenen Reihen entgegen. Der Republikaner Paul Ryan, bezeichnete Trumps Wortwahl als “unglücklich und nicht hilfreich”. Der […]

African countries ask for Trump apology

The African Union, representing 55 member states, is furious over a reported slur by the US leader. The organisation representing African countries has demanded that US President Donald Trump apologise after he reportedly called nations on the continent “shitholes”. The group’s mission in Washington DC expressed its “shock, dismay and outrage” and said the Trump […]

Stars ‘shocked’ at gender pay disparity in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stars are sharing their shock at reports of a significant pay disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams for reshoots on the Ridley Scott film “All the Money in the World.” Two reports say Wahlberg was paid far more than Williams for the reshoots in which Kevin Spacey was replaced by […]